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Lotus Hotel

“I don’t know, just so many dude!”


^That would be Tim Everett’s response to the question of his biggest musical influences for his project, Lotus Hotel.  Listen to the music for a few minutes and I’m sure you will deem that response appropriate: it's an unusual yet cohesive amalgamation of psychedelic, indie, and alternative.  Inspired by Tame Impala, Gorillaz, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, [and many others], Lotus Hotel explores themes of individuality, exploration, and awareness. The music rises and falls, not in a hurry to conform to any structure or precedent.  It’s the kind that makes you want to close your eyes and let it melt over you as your mind wanders with the groove.


The inspiration for Lotus Hotel has been a long time in the making, it seems.  Tim began exploring his musical curiosity as a child; with his mom teaching private violin lessons at his home in Ann Arbor and bringing the family along to Interlochen every summer, he was exposed to classical music - along with The Beatles and Stevie Wonder - early on.  He took up choir, voice lessons, and piano lessons at Interlochen, then eventually taught himself drums and guitar later on. Initially a “procrastination tool”, his interest in music grew to become his main focus, prompting him to transfer from the residential college to the music school to study performing arts technology, and pursue a career as a producer and performer.


As for current projects: an album, maybe?  “This summer I’ve got a house to myself and a lot of alone time, which is lonely, but reflective and productive for musical stuff,” Everett says.  “So, I’m trying to spend a lot of my time writing, hopefully coming up with enough material for an album by the end of the year . . . just focusing on writing this summer then doing all the mixing and production during the school year.  That’s ideal, but I don’t know how it’s exactly going to shake out. But ‘album’ is the project!”


Lotus Hotel can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp, & probably elsewhere.  Check him out!

By Frances Master

Adam Kahana

Adam Kahana is a multi-talented musician and songwriter from Ann Arbor, MI. He is currently studying jazz guitar, data science, and business at the University of Michigan. Adam trained in classical piano from ages four to 16, but has been trying to pick up songs by ear for as long as he can remember. His desire to play guitar blossomed at age six, when he was first exposed to Jimi Hendrix, and you can tell by how fluidly and proficiently he plays that he hasn’t put it down since. Adam also plays the upright bass and the drums, since he got involved with his high school’s jazz band. 

Adam’s biggest musical influences have been Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Thelonious Monk, and his guitar teacher, Miles Okazaki. At the CoOp show on June 28th, we got to hear Adam sing his rendition of some Stevie Wonder classics along with original pieces of his own. Most recently, Adam has placed as a finalist at the Detroit Jazz Festival College Competition with his group Warren/Kahana/Flick/Davis, released an album with the Ann Arbor Guitar Trio called "Tides", and released a music video for his original tune, "Mother's Day". 


You can check out his music, as well as that of the Ann Arbor Guitar Trio's, on Apple Music and Spotify for some jazz-funk-indie inspired tunes from the heart.  For more information on Adam Kahana, check out his facebook page or website!

by Mina Kambakhsh

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